My Customary Once A Year Post

As above. Yup. =) Gonna graduate soon. Hopefully.


My Welcome

Ohai, reading through this blog again has been a really really interesting experience. I love how the Internet has made all these "memories" last forever. I'm still not going to update the blog regulary though. Maybe when I have more free time... Haha


My Results

Praise God from whom, all blessings flow~~~

Man haven't seen these kinds of marks since uhm primary school LOL!


My University

I just realised that I've never posted my university yet. And I'm sure you're dying to know what it looks like right? :D


My Inner Trek

Yep I was excited when I saw this poster. Heck I was excited when I learned that there was going to be a new Trek movie. That really tickled my geek-bone, me being a sci-fi fan and all. Basically I can sum this movie up in 1 sentence: I came, I saw, I got disillusioned.

Here are my top 5 reasons of why the movie was disappointing (to me at least):

5. Where were the frickin' phasers? I mean come on! What set Star Trek apart was that they used frickin' phasers instead of the rest of the sci-fi universe which used laser blasters. Its supposed to be one continuous stream of gloom and doom coming out of the ship not (as the movie portrayed it) discrete beams of light which look more at home in Star Wars than in Star Trek.

4. Whats up with the shields? Did we suddenly have shield technology and then render it totally useless by not referring to them? In most of the battle scenes it starts off with "raise the shields" and then the enemy ships weapons proceed to blast the hell out of the ships. I mean granted the enemies from the future and has like "advanced weaponry" but then at least give the reference somewhere for crying out loud. Something along the lines of "our shields are ineffective against their weapons" would suffice but noooooo. Its "shields up" and then "ship obliterated"

3. What happened to the iconic photon torpedoes? In almost every Star Trek movie/episode the Federation Ships always always use those torpedoes to save their asses. I mean true the enterprise usually gets destroyed just before the final sequence but hey at least they torpedoed the heck out of the enemy right? Mission complete right? But what happens here? Nothing! No photon torpedoes. The ending sequence really looks like a scene from Star Wars. Laser blasts? Really? Come on!

2. Uhm were federation star ships really that weak? I mean for goodness sake, they didn't even put up a decent fight! And what the heck, the romulan "mining vessel" has like this mad "drill" that they use to drill into the planets surface right? How come they don't use it to like cut ships in half or something? I mean that would've made a really mad scene!

1. Uhura and.... Spock?! Nuff' said.


My Germs

"Ich kann kein Deutsch sprechen aber English" which translates to "I can't speak German only English". Lol its fun having international friends :)


My [How to setup your mac for Streamyx] Post

Alright since I already went through all the trouble of helping my mum set up her Streamyx on her computer I thought I might as well post it up. Hey who knows, it might help some hapless sap some day (or maybe even myself... LOL).

Anyway, step 1 involves you going into System Preferences. If you can't do that, please return your Mac and swear never to touch technology again. I'm serious.

Step 2: Go to Network
Step 2

Step 3: Click on the + button
Step 3

Step 4: Click on PPPoE, Choose Ethernet, and Enter the Service Name (can be anything)
Step 4

Step 5: Enter your details
Step 5

And thats it really. You can basically use these instructions for any PPPoE connection not necessarily just for Streamyx. Share and enjoy.

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